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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to get better results from leg exercises

The obvious benefits of core training are improved posture, reduced  back problems and flat abs, but if you’re not getting the results you would like from lower body workouts, core training can help to get better results here too. 

Core training works the deep postural muscles of the body which don’t necessarily get trained by ordinary training programs.  If you have developed bad postural habits and your core muscles have become weak and imbalanced,  you probably exercise with poor body alignment and movement control.  This can mean that, although you feel like you are working  your legs hard, you might not be getting the conditioning results you want.

Being more precise and controlled with your exercise technique allows you to get more training benefits out of exercises.  Lunges, for example, are an excellent exercise for the muscles of the upper legs but they are rarely done with good form.  Look at people doing lunges in the gym and you'll see them leaning backwards, forwards, feet too close together, too far apart or out of alignment, knees turning inwards, wobbling etc..  This will make the exercise far less effective in toning up the legs and might lead to knee problems.

Core training takes time and patience and has to start with the basics, so often exercisers aren’t interested because they want to feel like they are making the most of the time they spend exercising.  Core training feels a bit slow and certainly isn’t a calorie burning activity.  The long term benefits are worth the time invested though – it’s hard to get good body shaping or sports performance results with bad exercise technique.

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